Eight things I learnt backpacking Europe

Before backpacking, I was kind of a control-freak with an addiction to being organised and on time. What am I now? I doubt my control-freak tendancies have completely disappeared, but I have changed a lot this year.

Here are some eight things I learnt about myself and life from backpacking Europe. Continue reading “Eight things I learnt backpacking Europe”

The Alhambra (Granada) vs The Alcazar (Seville)

If you’re planning a trip to southern Spain, it’s likely that you’ll hear about The Alhambra, situated in Granada, and the Alcazar in Seville. But is it worth doing both? Continue reading “The Alhambra (Granada) vs The Alcazar (Seville)”

Trusting TripAdvisor – Karamanlidika, Athens

We meet a couple one night and shared a shuttle back from Perissa to Oia. He was Irish and she was Brazilian. They ask about our travels and I mention I’m going to Athens next. Continue reading “Trusting TripAdvisor – Karamanlidika, Athens”