Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

“Lick the walls,” Our guide instructed.

We looked at each other apprehensively. Was she having us on? Should we play the part of dumb tourists?

We licked them. They were salty. Obviously.
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The End of the Year

Well, it has been a year and I don’t know where to start, although I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. I’m warning you now though…this post is going to be long. Very long! I have the entirity of 2017 to get through and I did a lot of stuff, so settle in…

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The Importance of Journaling

From when I was little, I’ve kept a journal when my family went on holidays. Every little detail of family camping trips was meticulously recorded and written down, and later big family holidays overseas filled the pages of more diaries. Continue reading “The Importance of Journaling”