Eight things I learnt backpacking Europe

Before backpacking, I was kind of a control-freak with an addiction to being organised and on time. What am I now? I doubt my control-freak tendancies have completely disappeared, but I have changed a lot this year.

Here are some eight things I learnt about myself and life from backpacking Europe. Continue reading “Eight things I learnt backpacking Europe”

Questions that I got asked when travelling

A Q&A of some of the questions I’ve been posed whilst travelling Europe solo… Continue reading “Questions that I got asked when travelling”

Where I Stayed – 2 months in Europe

This blog is purely for those interested in where I stayed in my two months backing Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. I’ve tried to list what I thought were the pros and cons of each place but I’m sure I’ve missed some. Most of the placed I booked were above an 8.5 on Hostelworld/Booking.com, and had high ratings on TripAdvisor. Most importanly…at the time when I stayed, none of these places had bedbugs (thank goodness!)

Sorry for the lack of pics of all of the places I stayed! I was having a lot of fun sightseeing! Continue reading “Where I Stayed – 2 months in Europe”

Pros & Cons of Travelling with a Laptop

When you’re limited for space or weight when backpacking, it’s often hard to decide exactly what you need, and one of the hardest things to decide whether or not to bring is a laptop. Continue reading “Pros & Cons of Travelling with a Laptop”

Exploring Athens

“The pillars on the Bank of Greece are different to the Academy. They are Doric, these are Ironic. Not much is happening at the Bank of Greece recently,” he said. It took us a moment to pick up on the joke and then we all laughed. Continue reading “Exploring Athens”