Video: A Day in Sintra

Sintra is the most beautiful fairytale town situated about an hour and a half drive from Lisbon. It has forests and beaches and palaces. This is a video of my day there… Continue reading “Video: A Day in Sintra”


Sun and Santorini

“See you tomorrow,” the lady at the grocery store says as she waves us goodbye. To anyone else, it might sound like a normal enough parting statement between a shopkeeper and their regular customer. But it’s day two and already we’ve visited her three times. Her statement comes across more as a promise. Continue reading “Sun and Santorini”

A Warm Welcome to Mykonos

The heat hit us as we stepped out of the plane. We paused for a moment in the sun, waiting for a shuttle which literally took us 200 metres to the terminal. Why? Who knows!
Continue reading “A Warm Welcome to Mykonos”