High Tea at Harrods

IMG_7705If you ever want an experience oozing luxury and can afford to spend a little (or a lot) more than you normally would, look no further than High Tea in The Georgian. Inside Harrods London, the Georgian offers three High Tea experiences. Being classy gals, we opted for the “Luxury” High Tea with quite a hefty price tag of £52.50.  Continue reading “High Tea at Harrods”

Roadtripping through Scotland in pictures

The following images are a selection of my photos on a trip through Scotland a couple of weeks ago.
Continue reading “Roadtripping through Scotland in pictures”

Video: Roadtripping through Scotland

Last week we checked out the magical place that it Scotland. I can’t complain because we did have a week but I wish that we’d had a bit more time. Continue reading “Video: Roadtripping through Scotland”

The Real Mary King’s Close Tour

There’s a lot to do while in Edinburgh. There’s shopping and castles and gardens and tours of pretty much everywhere, but if there’s one place you absolutely have to do a tour of, it’s The Real Mary King’s Close Tour. Continue reading “The Real Mary King’s Close Tour”