No fancy title for this post, because it wasn’t one of my favourite holidays ever. But let me explain why…It all started with Monsoon Season! (Don’t worry! There are positive aspects of this trip aswell!!!)

The yacht we hired!

So we went to Thailand in June. Neither our travel agent nor the company who we hired a yacht with told us that this was monsoon season, and for some reason, despite being experienced travelers, we managed to overlook this small but significant detail!

So we turned up, it was about 40 degrees Celsius and the moisture in the air was crazy! We had heard all the stories, don’t drink the water or you’ll get Bali Belly, make sure that you don’t have ice in your drinks unless it’s prepacked, make sure the salad isn’t washed in local tap water. So we were very careful! Our hotel, the Novotel in Phuket, was lovely!

Floating Village

Before we got onto the boat, we did lots and lots of shopping! I love bartering at markets, because it makes your purchase all the more worthwhile! All the tiny little stores at the markets and along the streets had interesting and unusual items, and there were tiny street bars right beside, where my dad sat because he wasn’t as keen on shopping as the rest of us! And the food in Thailand…so good!

James Bond Island

Another favourite thing of mine would have to be riding in Tuk Tuks! So much more fun than normal cars or taxis, and you can barter the price for them aswell!

We got onto the boat and set out. Because we had had so much fun in Tonga the year before, instead of only going for a week this time, we booked for 2 weeks! In Thailand though, the weather was horrific. It was overcast for most of the time that we were there. It rained at least once a day and stormed heavily for a few days. There was no coral, and we went swimming twice in the whole trip (not including the times in the swimming pool back at the hotel). And the jellyfish. So you know a 30cm ruler? Think of round jellyfish with a 30cm diameter and about 50cm deep! Then picture about 4 or 5 of them per square metre. This is why we didn’t want to go swimming!

Sign at Phi Phi Islands

That said, I loved James Bond island! You know the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. Great movie right! And we went to that island. There are mini markets there, and you can see the locations that they used in the movie, which is really exciting because it makes it seem more real!

At some markets

We went to the Phi Phi islands, which was really fun. But let me tell you, coming into that bay when there are 3 metre waves, a storm and shallow coral shelves on either side of the bay is not fun! It’s really lucky that my parents were experienced sailors, particularly when the weather forecast we were given by the sailing company said that the wind was going to be about 8 knots…um no…it was at least 30.

At the Phi Phi islands, we did all of the touristy things hehe! We got our hair braided (well…not dad!) and had massages. We even had fish massages, which are definitely one of the weirdest feelings that you will ever have in your life! It’s where tiny fish nibble at your toes, and trust me, it’s very ticklish!


We also went to the floating village, which was amazing to look around, except very quiet because it was down season in Thailand. We rode elephants and played with Monkeys and explored. It is a lovely country, and I’m sure we didn’t see the best of it because of the season that we were there. I’d love to go back in their tourist season to experience all of the natural and artificial beauty that Thailand has to offer.

But yeah…not our best holiday!

Phi Phi Islands