Roadtripping through Scotland in pictures

The following images are a selection of my photos on a trip through Scotland a couple of weeks ago.
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Video: Roadtripping through Scotland

Last week we checked out the magical place that it Scotland. I can’t complain because we did have a week but I wish that we’d had a bit more time. Continue reading “Video: Roadtripping through Scotland”

The Real Mary King’s Close Tour

There’s a lot to do while in Edinburgh. There’s shopping and castles and gardens and tours of pretty much everywhere, but if there’s one place you absolutely have to do a tour of, it’s The Real Mary King’s Close Tour. Continue reading “The Real Mary King’s Close Tour”

The Mishnish Hotel -Tobermory, Scotland

On our whistle-stop tour around Scotland, we stayed in the cutest little Bed & Breakfast in the town of Tobermory on the Island or Isle of Mull. It was called The Mishnish Hotel and was the yellow building.
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