Magical Krakow

I don’t know what I was expecting…but it wasn’t a city that looked like it had stepped out of a fairytale.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

“Lick the walls,” Our guide instructed.

We looked at each other apprehensively. Was she having us on? Should we play the part of dumb tourists?

We licked them. They were salty. Obviously.
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Unmissable in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the museums that I visited during my stay in Amsterdam and the Hague. This post outlined everything about the museums, from cost to whether I thought that they were worth it. For this post, I’m going to go a bit beyond that and tell you six things which you shouldn’t miss when visiting Amsterdam (which aren’t just museums/galleries). Continue reading “Unmissable in Amsterdam”

Skiing Val-d’Isere (France)

After Geneva we headed up to Val-d’Isere (which from now on I’m just going to type as Val D’Isere probably) for a week of AMAZING SKIING! Continue reading “Skiing Val-d’Isere (France)”

Vlog: Camera Gear for my trip!

Following up on this post from the other day, I’ve made a Youtube video so that you can see the gear which I’ll be taking on my travels to the UK and Europe next year! Continue reading “Vlog: Camera Gear for my trip!”