Getting Down in Dublin

Dublin – the home of Guinness and … Guinness.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we rocked up to Dublin Airport. Was everyone going to be talking about potatos and be dressed as Leprechauns?

Apparently not. Somewhat relieved yet mildly disappointed, we made our way to our hotel – The Marker Hotel at Docklands. A very modern, assymetrical building from the outside, the theme was continued as we made our way to check in. The staff were absolutely wonderful, catering to our group of 50 jetlagged Australians as if they did the same thing everyday. To our left was The Brasserie, otherwise known as the restaurant in The Marker which provided an awesome buffet breakfast for the extent of our stay.

Our room in this hotel felt like a home away from home. It was perfect.

Our time in  Dublin went way too quickly, although when you consider that we only had a day and a half there, we got a lot done!

My sister and I decided to venture out on the afternoon that we arrived, because we were at risk of falling asleep. The slightly drizzly weather was offset by the flower baskets hanging from all of the street lights and made this city seem homely despite the fact that we had just crossed the entire world.

We sought shelter in O’Brien’s Ferryman Pub, asking if they were still serving food. Initially, the chef said no, however we must have looked distraught and hungry so he whipped us up a steak & Guinness pie with plenty of chips and veges. It was from then on that we decided that the Irish must be the friendliest people on the planet.


Highlight: Walking down Temple Bar after seeing Jamie Lawson and Ed Sheeran (a district of bars, most of which are called Temple Bar which makes it very confusing) when a friend said that she felt like a Kebab – something that most Australians will get after a night of drinking. She turned to her right and there was a kebab place called Abbra-Kebabra.I wasn’t expecting that! Night made. Thank you Dublin!