Trusting TripAdvisor – Karamanlidika, Athens

We meet a couple one night and shared a shuttle back from Perissa to Oia. He was Irish and she was Brazilian. They ask about our travels and I mention I’m going to Athens next. Continue reading “Trusting TripAdvisor – Karamanlidika, Athens”

Exploring Athens

“The pillars on the Bank of Greece are different to the Academy. They are Doric, these are Ironic. Not much is happening at the Bank of Greece recently,” he said. It took us a moment to pick up on the joke and then we all laughed. Continue reading “Exploring Athens”

“The people make the place” – Athens

Prior to visiting Athens, my parents told me that I would be disappointed. “It’s dirty and crowded and touristy,” they told me. Both experienced travellers, I’m generally inclined to trust their knowledge. However on this occasion, the call of a famous city (and a cheap flight from Athens to Budapest) proved too much to resist.
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Serendipity and Santo Wines

Our Canadian friends were lying beside us at Perissa Beach and we were all discussing what we wanted to do that night.

“The ATV Rental place suggested a winery kind of nearby,” one of them said.

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Sun and Santorini

“See you tomorrow,” the lady at the grocery store says as she waves us goodbye. To anyone else, it might sound like a normal enough parting statement between a shopkeeper and their regular customer. But it’s day two and already we’ve visited her three times. Her statement comes across more as a promise. Continue reading “Sun and Santorini”