Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

“Lick the walls,” Our guide instructed.

We looked at each other apprehensively. Was she having us on? Should we play the part of dumb tourists?

We licked them. They were salty. Obviously.

In November 2016, I visited Krakow, Poland. We had heard rumours about the Wieliczka Salt Mine being the place to visit whilst there. We booked a late afternoon tour the day that we arrived because it was going to be dark underground and the fading light wouldn’t matter!

What we didn’t expect to explore was a whole other world! I’ve been down mines before but this one was incredible. There were statues and chapels down there made entirely of salt that have mostly withstood the tests of time and heat. Here are some of the photos…


My cousin stares down the tunnel
Statues made entirely of salt!
The statues tell a story…
Workers carved these when they finished for the day.
The grandest of the 18 underground chapels
A salt chandelier
The Last Supper carved out of salt on the wall
Tourists in the chapel
The chapel from another angle


If you visit Krakow, make sure you visit the salt mine! It is a unique experience and licking the walls is totally encouraged (and optional!). The history is amazing and despite walking for 2.5 hours you will only see about 2% of the mine because it is so huge!

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