Krka National Park – Worth the visit!

Krka National Park in Croatia is a not-so-hidden gem that you should definitely visit.

In the height of the European summer, tourists are impossible to avoid. They arrive like like annoying flies each year, pestering and pestering. For some locals, the tourists are what their livelihoods depend on, but for others…they’re just plain annoying!

Despite not being a local, it’s hard to miss the problems that tourists cause. Lines for things where there shouldn’t be lines. Expensive prices for no good reason other than people will pay them. Dawdling or loitering in groups in inconvenient places.

But one place where you should go, despite the tourists, is Krka National Park.

This serene national park will be the envy of your friends when you post it on Insta, and the transparent, cool water will shine its way into your heart.

The following photos were taken at Krka during July.

Tourists bath in the pool at the base of the waterfalls
The waterfalls from the side
Looking down on the falls and bathing spot
A serene pool beside the walking track
More little waterfalls in the national park

Visit Krka!

To see more photos from my travels, check out @thelifesnapshot on Insta, or my personal Insta profile @ahh_gigi!

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