The Alhambra (Granada) vs The Alcazar (Seville)

If you’re planning a trip to southern Spain, it’s likely that you’ll hear about The Alhambra, situated in Granada, and the Alcazar in Seville. But is it worth doing both?

The Alhambra is a huge complex situated on top of the large hill which the city of Granada is built around. You literally cannot miss it. It is partly a fortress – made up of gardens, mansions and most famously – the Nasrid Palaces.

Meanwhile, the Alcazar in Seville is a smaller version which I would describe as very similar except not on a hill and in the centre of the city. It was a royal palace.

The architecture for both is moorish with a focus on intricately-carved wooden ceilings and stunning garden-scapes.

For example, at the Alhambra:

And in the Alcazar:

If you’re not pressed for time, I would definitely recommend doing both as they are very historical.

If you’re entering the Alhambra, a ticket will cost you around 15 Euros but you MUST book in advance as it always sells out. I tried to get a ticket in advance however the website told me that they were sold out. In the end, I managed to get a ticket from my hostel the day prior to going however online, all tickets were sold out for the next three weeks. Thank you to the White Nest Hostel in Granada for helping me see such an amazing attraction!

For the Alcazar, it will cost you about 9 Euros, unless you’re a student and then it will drop to 2 Euros. Bargain! You can book online, however the queue moves quickly (in September). As with any attraction though, it is busy and I would suggest always booking online if there is the option to.



And then of course there are the beautiful gardens inside both complexes…

First off, the Alhambra:

And the Alcazar (it has peacocks!):

Obviously, these attractions are very different and in different cities, but there is no denying that they share a lot of similarities (all may not come across in the photos).


If you can only do one, I would highly recommend the Alhambra in Granada. The complex is bigger, there is more to see, the architecture is more intricate and the gardens are absolutely stunning and blooming with beautiful flowers. It is more expensive, but in my opinion – worth it.

Whatever you end up deciding, have an incredible time and appreciate the amazing history behind these incredible monuments.

Which did you see? Which did you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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