Two months of Europe in Summer

For the past two months, I’ve been gradually making my way through four countries in the South of Europe: Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Because I’ve clearly been having too much fun, I’m going to write about what route I took , and then in coming posts I’ll write about the twenty-four places (OMG!) themselves and do another blog on where I stayed in each place.

I SERIOUSLY can’t believe that I managed to cover this many places in such a short period of time, but I loved pretty much every stop along the way.

I’ll also add in links of content I’ve produced along the way related to each place so feel free to check them out for travel inspiration and such!

  1. Split, Croatia (+ Krka National Park)14375218_1384666494896276_1819117034_o

  2. Hvar, Croatia14408017_1384666704896255_1663710254_o

  3. Dubrovnik, Croatia14393891_1384666608229598_357108602_o

  4. Pula, Croatia14374663_1384667041562888_2119171258_o

  5. Rovinj, Croatia14339994_1384666744896251_1010825215_o

  6. Verona, Italy14374698_1384667688229490_1182795625_o

  7. Riva del Garda, Italy (+ Cima Capi – Via Ferrata)14339936_1384666671562925_886129187_o

  8. Bologna, Italy14359853_1384676574895268_1701600199_o

    …Yes, I did only go to eat spaghetti bolognaise (which they call Tagliatelle al Ragu)…

  9. La Spezia (+Cinque Terre/San Terenzo/Lerici/Portovenere – Madonna Bianca Festival), Italy


  10. Genova, Italy14393997_1384666801562912_2124030240_o

  11. Milan, Italy14124016_1357452204284372_781097115_o

  12. Madrid, Spain14408232_1384668928229366_850006543_o

  13. Valencia (+ Bunol – La Tomatina/Requena – Noche de la Zurra), Spain14408098_1384669368229322_1486323146_o

  14. Javea, Spain14360402_1384668228229436_406105759_o

  15. Alicante, Spain14408358_1384669144896011_163356751_o

  16. Granada, Spainimg_5212

  17. Málaga, Spain


  18. Cordoba, Spain14340027_1384666601562932_2065009323_o

  19. Seville, Spain14407996_1384667318229527_1328175921_o

  20. Lagos, Portugal14614491_1406963012666624_2113435837_o

  21. Lisbon (+ Sintra), Portugal


  22. Porto, Portugal14599841_1406962959333296_1737980279_o

  23. Barcelona, Spain14374770_1384684121561180_695163940_o

    So that’s the order, stay tuned for more details about each place, what I loved, didn’t love and everything in between. In the meantime, if you wanna have a stalk on Insta, you can check out @ahh_gigi (me) or @thelifesnapshot (the blog, which is a bit far behind, because as I said…fun!).

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