How to get photos of yourself when travelling solo

When you’re travelling by yourself, it can be a little difficult to get photos of you.

Here are four methods that you can employ to get a (possibly, but probably not) great photo of you:

1. Tripod

If you have the time and the patience to lug around a tripod, then this could be a good option. You can set up your own photo and you’re responsible entirely for how it turns out. You’re not taking up anyone’s time if you need to take another…and another…and another… (It has to be perfect for Instagram, okay!).

2. Take a selfie14393312_1384699018226357_893370260_o

No judgement. You do you. But you know what I do judge? See number 3…

3. Selfie Stick

I offered to take their photo. Their response? “It’s okay, we have a selfie stick”…No.

Just no. Please. Although I guess if there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE AROUND AND THERE IS NOWHERE TO PERCH YOUR CAMERA/PHONE ON SELF TIMER then it might be acceptable. Still, probably not. Also I guess if you are useless at…

4. Making friends in hostels


This fantastic photo was taken by someone I met at my hostel. LOL.

This method is great. Not only will you meet amazing people that you can explore brand new cities with, but you can take good photos of each other.


I set up the settings on manual using a stranger as my model and then handed the camera to a stranger from my hostel who just had to click this photo of me!

This one can be a little difficult and intimidating. There’s always that series of questions that run through your mind:

  1. Do I hand my camera/phone over to a random stranger?
  2. Are they going to steal it?
  3. Do they know how to use it?
  4. What if the photo they take is bad?

These questions flash through your mind in a couple of seconds, and generally you’ll hand your camera over. Then there will be the inevitable thoughts:

  1. This photo is terrible (Why is it blurry?)
  2. This photo is the best thing ever taken of me (I am a god)

At the end of the day, it’s going to be a hit and miss competition for whether your photo will be great or terrible. I generally hand over my phone rather than my DSLR because it’s much harder to take a bad photo on my phone. A DSLR on auto – the setting I put it on for people who don’t ‘camera’ – will generally try to use a flash which makes the photo look terrible.

Just tell the person taking photos to take a lot, remember to thank them, then crop and edit the life out of it for Insta.

Speaking of Insta… check out @ahh_gigi (me) or @thelifesnapshot (the blog)!

P.S. Sorry for the selfie stick judgement. They’re just annoying. But as I said with selfies, you do you!

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