Rovinj’s hidden gems

Whilst there may not be that much to do in Rovinj compared to other towns in Croatia, I can’t deny that it has a LOT of charm. As I make my way down the cobbled back streets, I think to myself that they should have “slippery when dry” signs. I am slipping and sliding around in my flipflops on the uneven paths polished from thousands of tourists each season.

Unlike further south, there are fewer tourists which makes a welcome change.


Like the rest of Croatia though, restaurant waiters still hassle you in the hopes you’ll enter their restaurant over their neighbours. I wander aimlessly down the back alleys, getting lost more than once and losing my bearings. But it’s nice.

Down some of the streets, it’s quiet. There are no tourists and there is no noise. Just the slap of my flipflops as I meander down the streets. When I reach an intersection, I always pick the one that will take me deeper into the maze of streets. I am lost, but all paths generally lead back to the sea.


From the vantage point of the church on the hilltop, you can see the city and the surrounding islands. The marina is the hub of the city, with restaurants clustered in thick groups, all sporting similar menus and prices.

The cool water looks inviting, but the temperature has dropped after a crazy yet quick summer storm yesterday. In an out in 15 minutes. Thunder and lightening then gone. The sky was looking ominous today too, but nothing seemed to appear. .


When wandering in a new city, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with only looking ahead. I made the effort to turn to the sides and even turn around and look behind me. The views can surprise you.

I enjoyed Rovinj for its simplicity and laid-back nature. It made a welcome change from the fast tempo of the previous week and a bit.

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