The Importance of Journaling

From when I was little, I’ve kept a journal when my family went on holidays. Every little detail of family camping trips was meticulously recorded and written down, and later big family holidays overseas filled the pages of more diaries.

In 2009, a family member bought me a 2010 Journal for Christmas, with one page per day. I decided to keep a diary for the whole of 2010. That year, I went on three major holidays, a few camping trips and did countless other things that I’m sure will be fantastic and embarrassing to read about in the future.

When I finished that diary, as luck would have it, another set of family bought me a lined, hard-cover notebook for my birthday. That book is now full.

Fast forward to now and I’ve almost filled four travel diaries. Last year, I decided that this year I was going to do the same as I did in 2010 and keep a journal for a whole year?

Why? I want to remember this year. The ins and outs. The ups and downs. The mostly good but some bad.

I started my new, bright pink journal on December 22 last year, after I pasted a few extra pages in to make up for the days before the new years. So far, I’m going strong. The most I let myself fall behind is four or five days and I make sure that I write down a summary of each day in my phone so that it’s easy for me to catch up and convert it to paper when I need to.

I’m looking forward to a day in the future when I read back through them all and laugh at the funny moments and smile at the memories. Every so often, someone will ask me something about a holiday and I refer to a past journal to find the answer. I love having records of my time away and the precious moments I’ve spent with my family and friends.

To finish, as a side note, my sister and I are not alike. Whilst we may look alike and sometimes act alike, we are very different when it comes to journaling. When we were little, she too would bring a diary. For the first few days, she would be diligent. And then, every single time, she would fall behind. And so on the way back in the car or on the plane or on the ferry…every single time…she would ask me “Georgina, what did we do on day 4?”

Eventually, she stopped bringing a typical, lined journal but she still makes memories in other ways. She keeps a little book with her everywhere we go that she won’t show me and as far as I know, she writes and draws little things about each day. Basically, it’s each to their own, but you won’t regret trying to keep the memories alive on paper or even by writing them on your phone or laptop.


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