City Circus Hostel, Athens

The sounds of jazzy sax drift up from the street below as Athens begins to come alive after the sunset. The area is hip and happening (never thought I would use that phrase) and cafes and restaurants line the busy streets.

I have checked into the City Circus Hostel in Athens, and I have to say that despite the good reviews, as my cab drove through the surrounding areas I was a bit worried. “Had I misread them?” “Had the reviews been falsified?”

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Graffiti covered the walls and even some cars in the streets nearby and whilst some was incredible street art, most was not. However as we drove closer the street art became more legitimate than the previous grafiti. When we drew up in front of the hostel though, I was pleasantly surprised by a normal-looking building.

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Reception buzzed me inside and that’s where the fun began. The City Circus Hostel is decorated, as the name suggests, like a circus. Props fitting the theme lie around the place and a huge common area sports games, a huge television, armchairs and tables. Meanwhile, to one side there is a full, modern kitchen.

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Reception greeted me with the list of things happening over the next week (Tonight was a pub crawl, tomorrow is happy hour) and easily upsold me the €5 breakfast which includes both hot and cold options. They also offer a laundry service including drying and promising a four hour turnaround for €7.

My room, bathroom through the door and a balcony to the left.

I headed upstairs to my room; a six-bed, mixed-dorm. It is modern with three sets of tall bunks. Linen and blankets are all included and each room has its own bathroom. They are bright and I’m pleased to report have awesome (working) air-conditioners. The room also has a desk and mirror, and a little balcony overlooking the street.

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After checking in, I went exploring and found the terrace on level three. To one side, you can see the sun set over the distant hills. To the other is a perfect view of the Acropolis! Picture perfect in every sense!

View of the Acropolis from the terrace

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