Serendipity and Santo Wines

Our Canadian friends were lying beside us at Perissa Beach and we were all discussing what we wanted to do that night.

“The ATV Rental place suggested a winery kind of nearby,” one of them said.

We had nothing else to do so we all nodded blearily in half-hearted, beach-hazed agreement. After showering back at the hotel and dressing up a little (wineries are classy, after all), we ran for the bus and boarded, citing ‘Santo Wines’ as our stop.

The outlook along the large terrace at Santo Wines

We didn’t know what to expect, but on TripAdvisor it had 4.5/5 stars so I was quietly confident. The pics looked nice, prices seemed reasonable and sunset views sounded great.

We arrived and were greeted by absolutely STUNNING 180°+ views out over the ocean and other islands nearby. We sat in outdoor, wicker armchairs on the terrace with low coffee tables in front of us and scouted the menu.

The sun beginning to set over another part of the terrace

Grace and I decided to split the 12 wine + tapas arrangement. At €27 altogether, we thought it was a bargain! It came with crackers and cheese and two dips and olives, and obviously 12 different wines from the area!

Our twelve wines and tapas

We were in heaven. The six of us happily drank and ate and watched the sun descend lower and lower in the sky for a good three hours. We marvelled at the amazing view, and all of us agreed it was the best sunset we had in the Greek Islands. The sky was almost cloudless and changed from blue to gold to orange to pink to red to purple before finally fading into navy.

Sneaky pic of me looking classy

We bonded with the honeymooning couple beside us before we all, including the couple, squashed into the bus to get home. We were lined up like sardines and the ticket man still pushes down the crowded aisles to collect fares. An unusual way to catch the bus, to say the least!

Sunset from Santo Wines

Santo Wines was complete serendipity – a happy accident. It was an experience that was among the top from my time in Greece and I’m glad we didn’t decide to skip it or ignore a local’s suggestion. Trust the locals – they know best!

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