Why You Should Definitely Visit Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens are closest to the town of Lisse in the Netherlands and are open from the end of March until May each year. The best way to get there is arguably to buy a combined ticket from the information centre at Schiphol Airport, which gets you transport both ways (also to other destinations listed on the ticket and on Keukenhof’s website) as well as entry into the gardens themselves for €24. This IMG_8155worked particularly well for me as I was going from Amsterdam, to Keukenhof and then on to The Hague, which was all covered by the one ticket.


After less than an hour by bus from the airport, you will find yourself passing beautiful fields of tulips before pulling into the carpark at Keukenhof. From there, you can put items you don’t need into the lockers which just require a coin (which you get back when you empty the locker). However, be wary that there are not large numbers of IMG_8088lockers available and that you may struggle to find an empty one after the morning – so only bring necessities if possible!

At the entrance, I picked up a map and was on my way. From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. There are very cute gift shops inside and a few cafes which generally sell similar types of food. The food isn’t too expensive, but as is to be expected at an attraction, it’s also not cheap. So without further ado…the tulips!

Probably my favourite photo from my trip to the Netherlands…I think the only way I could be more Dutch was if I was eating Poffertjes at the same time!

I had a brilliant time at Keukenhof, as you can see. I didn’t think it was a waste of money, although my suggestion would be to go later in the season. I was there at the beginning of April and many tulips in the fields hadn’t bloomed yet, and a lot of the bulbs inside Keukenhof were only beginning to come out as it had been a cold winter with a slow start to spring. If you’re in the Netherlands in Spring, don’t miss this as it’s completely beautiful!


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