High Tea at Harrods

IMG_7705If you ever want an experience oozing luxury and can afford to spend a little (or a lot) more than you normally would, look no further than High Tea in The Georgian. Inside Harrods London, the Georgian offers three High Tea experiences. Being classy gals, we opted for the “Luxury” High Tea with quite a hefty price tag of £52.50. 13072322_1262326973796896_1357723828_o

The menu though…we couldn’t resist! Starting with a flute of rose champagne and a prawn cocktail, before moving on to tiny sandwiches and quiches. The waiters were so attentive and checked on the table regularly to make sure that we had everything that we needed.


Then it was scones with raspberry jam, cream, lemon curd and rose jelly followed by dainty and scrumptious cakes.


Not full yet? The waiters were happy to bring more of anything (except the champagne, we checked!) and it was all included in the price.


Next we had trifle, all the while drinking what seemed like endless cups of tea from a silver teapot and elegant teacups. We actually couldn’t fit the trifle and the waiters were happy for us to take it with us in their little tiny jars, but we forgot. It looked fantastic though, and I don’t even like trifle!


Finally, we had strawberries with a choice of either cream or Pimms over the top of them…delicious! All the while, a pianist played softly which just made the experience even more incredible.13078089_1262326590463601_2100295522_o

Whilst there, we heard the song Happy Birthday played five times and all of the waiters gathered around the table with the birthday person and sang to them with a cake while the pianist accompanied them. I asked one waiter how many times they would generally sing it on a normal Saturday and he said sometimes up to 25! So cute!


This experience was incredible. We did opt for the most expensive High Tea experience because we figured that it’s something that we would probably only do once so we may as well go all out. It was a very special afternoon and we spent three lovely hours savouring every part of the meal and atmosphere. The staff were delightful and if I ever get the opportunity to go back, I definitely will!


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