Betty’s Tearoom is magical


Have you ever been to a place that is so incredibly magical and you feel so special? Betty’s Tearoom is one of those places. It oozes class from before you even walk through the doors and it feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Cake cabinet at Betty’s York

The first time I visited was the larger tearoom in York, however last weekend stopped by the original Betty’s in Harrogate. Very similar, they have an old-world charm that can’t be ignored.

The staff will ensure everything is perfect for the entire time that you’re there! On our first visit in York, our waitress was possibly the most patient girl on the planet. In our various states of sleep-deprived, somewhat hungover and extremely hungry – she put up with incessant questions about everything from the size of the meal to what was in it and if we could add extra eggs. I wish that I had asked for her name because she deserves every single ounce of praise! The waiter that we had in Harrogate was also exceptional!

Cake cabinet at Betty’s York

But be warned…this gem comes at a cost. And while the prices aren’t exactly the cheapest, the cost that I’m talking about is the queue. If you’re visiting on a weekend, do not go at midday! I repeat: DO NOT GO AT MIDDAY! With a small group, you’re likely to get in much faster, however a group of seven of us in York at 11:30am on a Sunday queued for at least 30 minutes. That said though…worth it! At Betty’s Harrogate, we got there at 10:30am on a Sunday and there was no queue at all, but maybe we just got lucky!

The teapots seem endless and it’s quite easy to drink several cups of tea without reaching the bottom. The staff are also happy to provide extra hot water, sugar, milk and lemon.

The first visit, I tried the salmon eggs Benedict, but the second time I devoured the Swiss Rosti which was to die for! Everything was perfectly cooked and the atmosphere of the tearoom just makes the food taste even better.

The queue at Betty’s Harrogate at 11:30am on a Sunday

Of course, before you leave you absolutely have to try a cake (or two!). There is a trolley laden with cakes which the wait staff will bring to your table for you to choose a cake, or you can order a fruit scone with jam and cream. Best scones I’ve ever had in my life!

Betty’s is an experience not to be missed. It is classy and elegant and just amazing. I’m so tempted to go back for the formal afternoon tea with tiny cakes and sandwiches so that’s definitely on the cards for the future. Until then, Betty’s will just be in my dreams. I cannot rate this place highly enough!12823071_1231303933565867_976951254_o

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