Video: Oslo

I promise that I’ll get back to the Belgium posts soon because I still have so, so many pictures to show you, but I got a little bit distracted by editing my video footage from Oslo two weekends ago (also the photos, but that’s another story!).

Since I’ve been overseas, literally just two months because we left Australia on December 22nd, I’ve taken about 500, 5 second videos and thousands of photos. I actually filled up my 32GB SD card in Oslo and had to quickly switch to a new one to keep taking new photos.

I did give RAW a whirl but I don’t think it’s for me at the moment but it makes photo editing just that little bit more time-consuming. That said, I did shoot some of my Oslo photos (which you’ll see in a later post) on RAW because of the snow and I was a little apprehensive about the white balance and shooting in RAW is the easiest way to correct that post-production.

So here you go, the video about the four days I spent in Oslo with my friend Gen! Enjoy!

A special thanks from Calais Music ( for permission to use their song “Marvel”. They can also be found on Soundcloud ( Check them out and swing their other stuff a listen because they’re awesome!

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