Can you eat Waffles for every meal?

In short…yes, yes you can! If you can’t, you can definitely try!

IMG_3458Belgium is a foodie’s heaven.Whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, this city has something for everyone.

Now we all know that Belgium is famous for waffles and chocolate, but I have to say that I really wasn’t sure what to expect when travelling there. Is it a tourist thing? A gimmick to sell to the rest of the world, in the same way that America boasts about hamburgers and Taco Bell?IMG_3578

We were soon to find out! We saw our first waffle shop as soon as we arrived at Charleroi Airport, joking to each other about how it was probably only there for the benefit of those “stupid” tourists who only go to Belgium for waffles.

Boy, were we wrong. We were intrigued though…was it really rhat easy to find waffles in Brussels, namely…the best waffles in Brussels ?The next morning we got up fairly late and made our way to Grand Place in order to find the BEST waffles (as voted by Trip Advisor!) in Brussels. Apparently, Maison Dandoy Tea Room was the place to go! However as we made our way to Maison Dandoy, our noses quickly picked up the delicious, sugary scent of freshly cooked waffles…everywhere.

20160205_114353 [58355]

I swear to you…practically every second shop around Grand Place in Brussels sold waffles. Pub? Oh, with waffles. Chip shop? Also waffles. Seafood restaurant? Don’t forget waffles for dessert!

Maison Dandoy did not disappoint, however I would highly advise against ordering waffles with chocolate and a hot chocolate in the same sitting. Even as a self-described chocoholic, I found myself defeated at the hands of too much sugar.20160206_114953 [58354]

But what else does Brussels sell? Well, we also tried waffles from some of the many stores along the streets a couple of times. Whilst not as fresh as the waffles that we had at Maison Dandoy, they were still delicious in a different way, and for €5 you could get a waffle topped with about a punnet of strawberries, half a can of whipped cream and so much chocolate! Worth it? Always.

It’s not just sweet waffles however! On our last day in Brussels, we headed out to another top Trip Advisor recommendation – the cafe Peck 47. Peck 47 has a highly original breakfast menu complete with all of the old favourites like bacon and eggs, muesli and eggs on toast, as well as, you guessed it, savoury waffles!20160207_122419 [58353]

We ordered the Peck’s Special Waffles however were a little dubious about the “Psycho” Sauce (my friend ordered it on hers and it was just like spicy Hollandaise) so replaced that with Hollandaise sauce. Basically, you get savoury waffles with feta and chorizo in them, topped with bacon and poached eggs and Psycho/Hollandaise sauce. This was probably my favourite meal that I had the entire time that we were in Brussels. It was affordable and just plai yum. I could eat these every day for breakfast and not get sick of them and the amazing flavours in this dish!

Anyone like seafood? I have to say that I’m a little bit addicted to mussels, particularly when cooked in white wine and garlic and the signs around Brussels saying €10 for a bowl of mussels, chips and a drink were a little too good to pass up! We actually went to the heart of the tourist district for this, which we were a little unsure about. H
ow big would a bowl of mussels be if it was only €10? The answer: huge.IMG_4259

The wine was a bit average but I am SO not complaining . This meal was EPIC. We went to the Le Petit Fontaine restaurant in the street just off Grand Place but pretty much every restaurant in the seafood street offers the same deal. Definitely worth a go!

Finally, I just want to give a shoutout to Belgian Beer. I read somewhere that Belgium produces over 800 beers. Obviously, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try some of the best so found a cafe called The Sister which offered a tasting of 4 beers for €10!IMG_3853

Belgian beer is amazing. The bartender provided us with a variety of 6 different beers (because there were 3 of us and each beer filled two glasses, so we got 2 glasses of each beer altogether which we split somehow between 3 people…anyway…) which were all different types. Some light, some dark…one with banana and coffee hints, another one which was a gluten-free, strawberry beer. Some we liked and some we liked less but this was a great place to do beer tasting and if you’re a fan of good beer, Belgium is the place to go.

If you’re travelling to Belgium, be prepared for the food of your dreams. That’s really all I can say. I want to go to Bruges in Summer (about an hour from Belgium) because I’ve heard that they have a chocolate museum. Also more beer. And waffles!

Remember to check out my video HERE about our awesome three days in Brussels!


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