Why you should definitely not skip York

If you’re thinking of dismissing York as a tiny, country town which isn’t worthwhile visiting – think again. York is a quaint, typically English, small city only a twenty minute train ride from Leeds. It oozes old-world charm and can be seen easily in a day or meandered round over a few days.

We began the day by making out way along the old-time wall bordering the city towards York Minster, the first attraction which comes up when Googling York and things to do there. York Minster is intricately designed and the architecture makes you wonder how they managed to build it so perfectly, so long ago. We didn’t have time to go down into the heart of the Minster because we were on a whistle-stop tour, so after some photos and extreme admiration, we were on our way.

The next stop was Betty’s Tearoom. The original one isn’t in York, however we had heard amazing things (from friends and from Trip Advisor) and were keen to try it out. We arrived there about 11:30am on a Saturday and there were about seven groups in the queue ahead of us. Since the queue wasn’t too bad and we already had our hearts set on tea and scones from Betty’s, we waited. A table for seven of us can be quite hard to fit, but we sat downstairs after about a half hour wait in the queue.  Downstairs is just as nice as upstairs but you don’t have crazy people in the queue eyeing you up and wondering how much long it will take you to eat. We had the friendliest waitress who thought of everything and even took a group photo. The brunch was to die for and the pots of tea seemed endless. If you’re heading there, definitely try the fruit scones with jam and cream – best I’ve ever had!

After lunch, we headed off to explore some more. We checked out Clifford’s Tower and the St Mary’s Abbey Ruins before taking another walk along the wall. This city is gorgeous and I’d love to go back to check out some more of the hidden gems that is has to offer (particularly the tea rooms!). Our day in York was definitely memorable and well worth a visit if you’re in England!

4 thoughts on “Why you should definitely not skip York

    1. That’s so cool! I love your photos too! We got pretty lucky with weather…it’s was cold but predominantly sunny (with a random bit of snowy hail!). I want to go back sometime and see more, it seems like you did a lot 😊

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