Roadtripping through Scotland in pictures

The following images are a selection of my photos on a trip through Scotland a couple of weeks ago.

Beginning in Edinburgh, we drove through the highlands to Oban, where we stayed the night in the Hotel Columba.

Oban is a gorgeous little seaside town and I really wish that I’d been able to capture more photos there. Guess I’ll just have to go back? The photos just below are of McCaig’s Tower, which was apparently contracted for building in a time of low economic growth so that the townspeople could earn money to keep the town going. I don’t know how true this story is but that’s what I heard!

After our night in Oban, we briefly visited the Isle of Seil, crossing the only single span bridge over the Atlantic (a fact that Scotspeople are apparently very proud of!). It was a gorgeous little island with amazing views and houses full of character, but we quickly had to head off to get the ferry to the Isle of Mull from Oban.

I think that Mull could have been my favourite stop on the trip. We visited Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, which is a gorgeous seaside fishing village with painted houses (pictured below!). We stayed in the Mishnish Hotel and you can read my blog post about it here because it was absolutely amazing and definitely worth the stop!

Then it was back on the ferry and back to the mainland. We drove up through Fort William (unfortunately couldn’t make it to Glen Coe or the Isle of Skye due to time constraints!) and had fresh mussels for lunch at an awesome seafood restaurant right on the water. Literally, if you’re driving through town, you can’t miss it! It was hilarious because while we were eating mussels inside, a seagull outside was trying really hard to crack open his mussel by dropping it from really high in the air onto concrete pavements. He eventually succeeded!

We drove up past Loch Ness (no sign of Nessy that day, she must have been shy!) and had dinner at McDonald’s in Inverness to use their WiFi to find a hotel for the night. We actually found a great deal which included breakfast at another Hotel Columba (in Inverness this time!) and it was really cosy and perfect for a brief stay.

As you can see above, we drove through some pretty gorgeous scenery on the way back. We stopped at the Culloden Battlefield (where everything was shut!) and it was about zero degrees. The grass crackled under our feet as we walked and we had a look and got straight back into the heated car! We stopped for a great lunch at a pub in Tomintoul and then continued on (past the Lecht Skifields which actually had so much snow!).

We briefly passed through Aberdeen, then over the Forth Road Bridge and back to Edinburgh! This trip took us from Sunday to Wednesday and it was definitely a whirlwind few days. I feel like we saw and experienced a lot of Scotland and I’m very eager to go back. We even got a couple of days of blue skies! If you haven’t seen it yet, I made a video which you can check out in this blog post here!

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