Why Chalet ski holidays are the thing to do

Ever done a chalet holiday? It’s like a mini hotel with half-board and is one of the best ways to do a skiing holiday in Europe.

The schedule goes something like this:

8am – breakfast. 4pm -afternoon tea. 7:30pm – canapés and aperitifs. 8am – dinner. In between that strict schedule of amazing meals, somewhere amidst too much skiing, aprés ski and snowball fights, you’ll probably become best friends with everyone in your chalet.

We have just finished two, back-to-back Inghams chalet holidays in Val-d’isere and Tignes, Val Claret. We booked these resorts because it is still early in the season and their high altitude means that they’re the most likely out of pretty much all of the European ski resorts to have snow. I can honestly say that, in terms of snow and weather, this was not our best ski holiday. However, what we lacked in the aforementioned departments, we made up for with 24 amazing people at our Val-d’isere chalet and 50 something other people at our chalet hotel in Val Claret.

The Southern Hemisphere (and even the USA and Canada) have got the idea of a ski holiday wrong. Yes, you go to a ski resort for good snow. Yes, you want to spend most of your time skiing. But at the end of the day, do you want to come back to an empty apartment or sterile hotel or would you prefer an inviting lounge area with crackling fire and guests lying around, laughing and discussing the day over a couple of drinks? This is a European chalet holiday and this is THE way to ski.

Your meals (apart from lunch, when you’ll most likely be on the slopes anyway) are done. Worn out from a day of skiing? Relax. Want something else? Keep partying at one of the many bars present at the bottom of and halfway up seemingly every ski slope in Europe.

The nightlife and aprés ski in Val-d’isere was insane. You’d come down off the slopes to either La Folie Douce or Coco Rico’s at the end of the day and there would be bands and DJs and awesome atmospheres. By halfway through the week, our chalet of 24 would discuss every morning where we’d all meet up after a day of skiing and our plans for before and after dinner. We were skiing together, lunching together and partying together. I think that the saddest part was that, at the end of the week, we weren’t all going home together.

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