How to stick to your diet when on holiday in France

Having just spent two weeks in ski resorts in France, I feel like I’m in a somewhat privileged position to give information. So it has just been the holiday season, when food is plentiful and your stomach seems endless. But how are you supposed to stick to that diet when you’re on holiday in a country where cheese seems to be the only food group?

Deep fried balls of duck (kind of like arancini) with pears, horseradish and sprouts

Two, simple words…

Give. up.


Resistance is futile. You know those abs that you had before you got on the plane? That beach body you were working on for the whole of the southern hemisphere winter? Yeah, forget it.


Your diet is as good as gone.

I’m sorry that I was the one who had to bread (lol) the news.

Ever had raclette?

No?! Why on earth haven’t you had half a wheel of cheese sliced with a hot wire so it melts as you slice it and drips on to meats and potato and salad? Why not? Oh…because you’re on that diet?

Raclette before consumption…

How about freshly baked croissants every day for breakfast? Fresh, buttery, flaky croissants which melt in your mouth? Not them either? Wow, you’re really missing out!

Then there are the patisseries with cakes and crumbles and pastries and flans and tarts and…do I need to go on?

So I hope that you’ll heed my advice. Being on a diet in France won’t last and resistance is futile. If you succeed, you are a stronger person than I.


Creme Brulee


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