Skiing Val-d’Isere (France)

After Geneva we headed up to Val-d’Isere (which from now on I’m just going to type as Val D’Isere probably) for a week of AMAZING SKIING!

Not quite. Val D’Isere was in a ‘dry spell’ – a phrase we use in Australia when we’ve had a lack of rain (or something else slightly more sex related). But Val D’Isere was in the middle of a period with a complete lack of SNOW. Not the best start to a skiing holiday when the temperature is sitting comfortably at 1 or 2 degrees but the skies are completely cloudless; perfectly blue.

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Snow!! (Not much but some!) ❄⛄

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I totally wouldn’t be complaining if there had still been enough snow to cover the ground in its entirety…but there wasn’t. At the beginning of the week, the runs were fairly icy, but by the end they were icy, large moguls with patches of grass and rocks mixed in. Let’s just say it didn’t make for great skiing!

But we made the best of it and what we lacked in skiing, we definitely made up for with the people we met! We stayed in an Inghams chalet which was absolutely awesome because of the people we met. We stayed in Chalet Dolomites which was more towards the Fornet end of the Val D’Isere village, but one bus stop from the centre of town or a 3 minute walk. Our chalet had 24 people staying and every night you’d sit on tables of eight and get to meet everyone.

By the end of the week we were all skiing and drinking together every day and night and probably getting unsuitably drunk. We definitely got unsuitably drunk on the night that Inghams ran the “Nightlife Orientation Tour”. For just 15 Euros, you too can get plastered, laugh too much, dance the night away and become best friends with strangers…would highly recommend if you’re on an Inghams trip. The people that we met on the bar crawl who weren’t from our chalet we also ended up partying with on New Years Eve a couple of days later!

Val D’Isere is one of the prettiest ski villages and it was great to explore the main street and the side alleys. New Years was amazing and they had a projection of the countdown to midnight on the side of a nearby mountain. People were letting off fireworks all night and it was generally just a great atmosphere. We started off our new years at Coco Rico’s, where they had a band playing and halfway through the set it started snowing which was incredible! First snow for the whole week on New Years Eve! Then dinner at the chalet with so much (included) wine, a bar called Le Petit Danois followed by watching the fireworks from the bottom of the piste. Back to Petit Danois until 4am complete with table dancing and for some, I’m sure, lost dignity.

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Aprés ski was sick 🎿

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So after a few late nights, too many drinks at Coco Rico’s at the bottom of the slopes, amazing people and soooo much great food (thanks to the Inghams hosts and chef!), we have headed around to Val Claret which is literally on the same mountain range/mountain but just around the other side. It has been snowing since 8am this morning and doesn’t show signs of stopping so let it snow! Bring on week 2!

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