First stop on our awesome family holiday was Geneva. I’ve been a bit (read: very) slack considering we arrived in Geneva on the 23rd of December but we’ve just been so busy and in and out of internet.

It’s been a while since we left now (almost 2 weeks) and I’ve finally found some stable enough internet to upload some photos. We spent three days in Geneva to get over jet lag and exploring the city.

It has changed so much since I last visited in 2012, although that may just be because the last time we visited we came in January and had freezing cold and drizzly weather. This time, it was 15 degrees Celcius on Christmas Day and people were even swimming in lake Geneva (how brave!).

Yeah, sleep sounds good right now…29 hours of travel done! Hello Geneva! ✈

A photo posted by Georgina Auton (@ahh_gigi) on Dec 23, 2015 at 6:04am PST

We stayed in the gorgeous, modern Hotel N’vy (part of our room pictured in the Instagram photo above, although if it’s not visible head to @ahh_gigi) and the facilities were absolutely incredible. However, I have to say that between 20-30 Swiss Francs for a cocktail (30 Swiss Francs is about $45 Australian) is absolutely absurd and ridiculous. Apart from that, loved it!

The lake was lovely and the city had Christmas markets spread everywhere. We did quite a bit of shopping in Geneva (or more like window shopping as Switzerland is renowned for its price!). We obviously ate lots and lots of chocolate. It was very strange for us that everyone celebrated Christmas on New Years Eve and that the streets were dead quiet on Christmas Day. That being said, we found a lively and fun seafood restaurant on Christmas Day and then a fabulous taxi driver took us to the United Nations and all around that area (the WHO, UN, US Embassy, etc) as he was a retired limo tour driver.

Despite the fact that we didn’t get a white Christmas, we had an incredible time in Geneva and left early on boxing day morning to drive to Val D’Isere in France. More to come!

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