Three weeks to go

Three weeks today until I embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Not going to lie…it’s a bit scary and there’s a lot to do in those three short weeks.

Two days ago, mum and dad helped me move all of my stuff out of my share house in Brisbane because my lease is ending in January (by which time I’ll be settled in Leeds). It has been quite weird to see my floor properly for the first time since I’ve moved in. I was a huge fan of my floordrobe (surprisingly my roommates and I kept the rest of the house fairly clean) but after like a year of not being able to find clothes only to later discover they were hiding on my floor or under my bed, it makes a nice change to have everything in boxes.

Ikea furniture is also surprisingly deceptive – it may look easy to assemble and disassemble but believe me, it is much, much harder than it looks. Currently, I am living on camping mattresses which are like two inches thick but the rest of my stuff will be returning to my parents’ house with me tomorrow…and then comes the fun bit.

Not only did I have the incredibly fun job of packing up my entire room in Brisbane, but now I have to unpack it all when I get home into cupboards, the attic and other random places, before repacking it into a suitcase/box to take overseas.

This is the part I’m reeeeally worried about. I am notoriously organised when it comes to packing, however I am not a light packer. I tend to overkill. If I’m going on a 3 day trip, I’ll have between 7-10 different outfits, just in case! Two weeks? Once again, try doubling the amount of days and then some. I’ve never gone over the luggage limit, but I’d say I’ve just been lucky that women’s clothes weigh next to nothing.

But a year away…what do I pack? I’m heading to a hemisphere/continent which gets a PROPER winter, and an (arguably) proper summer. Where I’m from, 10 degrees Celcius is considered cold on a winter morning. Snow? You’re dreaming!

So that will be my task over the next three weeks – narrowing down clothes, makeup, shoes, backs and accessories to only the bare ‘essentials’. I know what you’re thinking – my life is clearly soooo hard, but seriously… I’m dreading this task. Help!

On a side note, I’ll probably come back to find that everything I left behind has been claimed by my younger sister, because she’s sneaky like that – so that’ll be fun!

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