Morning After, West End

Sand Craft Omelette
Classic English Breakfast Tea

Nestled on the corner of Vulture Street and Cambridge Street in Brisbane’s West End, Morning After is guaranteed to be your new favourite cafe.

These guys opened on Tuesday last week and yesterday served over 400 customers in one day!

I dragged my (surprisingly) willing sister out to breakfast today with promises of a breakfast menu that didn’t consist entirely of eggs. She definitely needs to learn to like eggs, however Morning After’s breakfast menu does not disappoint.

Furnishings are stylish and modern

If I had to pick one word to describe their menu, it would be innovative. This menu is deliciously appealing yet completely unusual. Forget your standard bacon and eggs…how about a sweet corn pakora with avocado, fried egg and haloumi? Or perhaps a warm rice pudding with stone fruits and pistachios?

Loving her egg-free breakfast
Loving her egg-free breakfast

My sister was appeased with smashed avo on wholegrain with ricotta, horseradish and peas, and I went for the sand crab omelette with peanuts, chilli and lime. It was literally stuffed with crab and absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to go back and try what could be Morning After’s signature dish – carbonara with eggs and mushrooms – a twist on a classic which, according to their menu, offends all Italians.

Smashed Avocado on wholegrain

The furnishings are quirky and modern, yet completely stylish. They’ve contrasted white with wood and astroturf surprisingly makes an awesome chair covering. The staff are so friendly, going above and beyond to make sure your experience is pleasant. Overall, the food was awesome and I can’t wait to go back to experience the rest of their breakfast menu and some of their lunch menu. 10/10 experience. Special shoutout to the couple getting frisky at the table beside us and sharing everything from their breakfast to their saliva.

Awesome furnishings give a modern feel

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