Thickshakes from Whisky Business

Brisbane has been going a little crazy over some pretty fancy milkshakes at the moment. So today, a couple of friends and I decided to drive for 45 minutes out to Whisky Business (@whiskybusinessmacarons) in Capalaba to try out their thickshakes which have been turning heads on Instagram (metaphorically).

A photo posted by Brisbane Dining (@bnedine) on Jul 26, 2015 at 6:54pm PDT

So today we tried them out. They were open for the EKKA public holiday in Brisbane, which is always a nice plus (although I think that might have been because the Capalaba region got their public holiday on Monday).

This cafe was confusing for the fact that it seemed to be part table service/part counter order. It was very cute and the furnishing were adorable. Unfortunately, a freak thunderstorm hit just after we ordered and this cafe isn’t very well-equipped to deal with rain. However the staff all responded promptly!

But now…to the milkshakes…

A photo posted by Georgina Auton (@ahh_gigi) on Aug 11, 2015 at 10:20pm PDT

We ordered two Banoffee Pie Thickshakes and one Caramel Popcorn one. 25 minutes later…the two Banoffee ones arrived. Another 5 – 10 minutes later the final milkshake turned up. I have no problem with waiting at a busy cafe, but when we’ve literally just ordered milkshakes (without food), I’d expect a waiting period of 15 minutes MAX.

The thickshakes themselves were $8.90 each which is really reasonable when you compare this to other places in Brisbane (milkshakes at Doughnut Time are awesome but $10.50!). However, the Banoffee ones were made with what tasted like Banana Nesquik, rather than real banana. Very disappointing (although the salted caramel sauce was to dieeee for!).

Overall, the experience was very average and not at all what I expected. Whilst the milkshakes are pretty and taste fine, I’m determined to find the best milkshakes in Brisbane because I don’t think these are it.

Also, if you’re looking for a reasonable breakfast or lunch, most menu items rest around $17 which is pretty pricey for a meal at a Brisbane Cafe, let alone one so far out of town.

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