New Hot Choc on the Block

Heaven in a Cup

If you haven’t tried Brisbane’s newest Hot Chocolate, you’re seriously missing out.

Released a couple of months before Winter, it was the hero that Brisbane had long needed (but maybe not deserved).

Let down by promises of thick hot chocolate elsewhere, we sought shelter at Doughnut Time, enticed by their promises of not just hot chocolate, but NUTELLA Hot Chocolate.

At first I thought that the price had to be a con. The photos that I was seeing all over Instagram and Facebook didn’t seem to match the tiny price tag of just $5.50. But I went along with my hopes high and was seriously not disappointed!

The rim of the cup was coated in chocolate, to begin with. You couldn’t even seen the hot chocolate due to the plethora of ingredients resting on top. Whipped cream with a dollop of (yet more) Nutella. Then toasted marshmallows…yes, toasted….and TimTam! Topped off with a sprinkling of chocolate powder.

$5.50 is a completely reasonable (if not a little cheap, but please don’t raise the price!) price to pay for this drink which is pretty much sent by the Gods. If you haven’t gotten round to trying it yet, you can get it at either Doughnut Time or Chester Street Bakery in Brisbane and I promise you won’t regret it! Get in now!

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