Review: ABSINTHE Tour Le Monde – Opening Night (02/06/2015)

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting. Last week, I entered and won a couple of tickets to go and see the hit show which has been touring around the world – Absinthe! Hitting Brisbane this week, my sister and I attended opening night with completely open minds…and it’s lucky with did.

I can truly say that, tonight, my mind was blown. I’ve seen a Cirque show. I’ve seen circuses and I’ve seen musicals. I didn’t even watch the trailer for Absinthe online because I wanted what I saw to be a completely first hand experience.

Describing the show afterwards, a few words sprung to mind. Namely: nipple tassles, thongs and abs. And we don’t mean thongs as in the Australian sense of the word. We mean full on G-strings. Girls (and a guy!).

This show was a mix of burlesque, acrobatic stunts and comedy, with acts linked together by the Gazillionaire and his sidekick Abby. Each group of performers were equally talented (and strong) and it would be tough to pick a favourite act.

Be a little careful about where you book your seats though, because the Spiegeltent is held up by poles which can get in the way of your viewing.

If you go to see Absinthe, you’ll see tightropes, stacks of chairs, bar tricks, strongmen, quite a few cross-dressing men and stripteases. I don’t want to ruin it for you, so all I’m going to say is that it’s completely worth it.

In a couple of parts, the naration was very VERY sexually explicit, but just appreciate it as part of the act and don’t think too much of it. Most importantly, have fun and don’t sit in the very front row if you don’t like a teeeeeensy bit of audience participation!

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