Cold Rock Goes Global

Iconic Australian ice-cream company Cold Rock goes international













Walking down the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, it’s easy to spot the Western brands which have infiltrated this Vietnamese city.


With Baskin-Robbins frequenting street corners around the city, and foreign brands like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King interspersed frequently, it’s easy to see why Ho Chi Minh City is fast becoming a metropolitan and culturally diverse city.


Cold Rock has a second home in Vietnam, currently with two stores in Ho Chi Minh City

The streets are lined with foods representative of virtually every nation on the planet, and CEO of Franchised Food Company and Cold Rock, Stan Gordon, saw an opportunity in Vietnam.
“I visited Vietnam on a personal trip about a year and a bit ago,” Mr Gordon said.
“And just in walking up and down the streets and just embracing Vietnam and the culture in Vietnam, I identified an opportunity to take the Cold Rock brand there.
“I think it’s a very aspirational market.”
Vietnam is the first stop for Cold Rock outside of its traditional Australian market. The Cold Rock brand is uniquely Australian owned and developed.
Mr Gordon said that originally, the plan was to export the finished ice-cream product to Vietnam, freighting the liquid and milk in frozen or refrigerated containers. However the cost, he said, was too great. But they found an interesting solution.
“We got one of our manufacturers to actually extract the liquid out of it,” Mr Gordon explained.
“So we sent a powder base which is uniquely ours , not just a normal power, and we re-liquefy it in Vietnam” he said.

The Cold Rock brand and product has been adapted to suit the Vietnamese taste palate