Bar Review: Cloudland

To begin, imagine every fairytale movie that you’ve ever seen. Cloudland is all that and more. It’s decked out with fairy lights, waterfalls, jewels, trees and chandeliers. If you haven’t been, you definitely should!

Cloudland is situated in Fortitude Valley, right across the road from Birdees. Though technically it could be described as a nightclub, it’s more of a classy bar. The dress code is classy and it’s the type of bar you go to for a nice night out, not to get white-girl wasted.

If you’re a teenager though, or someone with a small budget, Cloudland is not the place for you. Cocktails start at around $16, which gives you some indication that this bar is not cheap. It also does food, and on Thursday nights there is Salsa dancing.

If you’re looking to host a function, they have just redone their function room upstairs, which is just as gorgeous as the rest of the bar! Booths are available to hire and they are absolutely gorgeous!

If you’re looking for a classy night out with a difference, Cloudland is the place for you!

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