So the Sunshine Coast got a new nightclub…


For all of you who live around or close to the Sunshine Coast, you probably know that our nightlife is sadly lacking. Previously, if you wanted to head out on the weekend, you basically had the choice of either Friday’s (such a hole) or O’Malley’s, the Irish pub/partial nightclub.
But welcome, as of two weeks ago, a new player to the scene. Opened at the Sunshine Plaza by the creators of successful coffee shop The Velo Project, Factory looks set to take the Sunshine Coast by storm.
If they get their head in the game!
See, Factory is a great nightclub. It’s gorgeous, for starters. The interior design is quirky and modern, with enough seating yet a big enough dancefloor to make it a club. It has booths available for hire and a massive bar. Great right?
You’d think so, but there are a few problems with it. First off, I went on a Friday…the second night that it was open EVER. 
You’d think, being the first couple of weeks, that there would be no cover charge to get in, just so that they could attract people for the first couple of weeks before beginning to charge. But no! I got slapped with a $10 cover charge at 9PM ON A FRIDAY. Usually, if there is a cover charge, it doesn’t kick in until at least 10pm, if not 11!
But still, my friend and I made our way upstairs and went straight to the bar. Being a student, I asked immediately what their cheapest drink besides beer was. $7.50 for a basic (one shot and a mixer)! 
‘Ok’, my resourceful side reasoned ‘I can drink beer or cider if it’s cheaper.’
But beer and cider were still lurking just over the $7 mark! I don’t know if this club has latched onto the concept of ‘Uni Night’ on Thursdays, but I hope so, and I really hope drinks will be $5 at the most on Uni Night. Otherwise it’s cheaper for me to club in Brisbane!
Finally, the dancefloor. It’s big and there was a DJ at one end. But the music was stupid, indie junk that NOONE can dance to. Maybe you can sway, but you can’t dance in any way, shape or form to this music. Please fix it.
Overall though, I love the feel of this club. The staff are amazingly friendly, and, as I said before, it’s gorgeous and tastefully decorated. Not tacky at all.
Just don’t go there for a cheap night out!

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