Bar Review: Dunda/Dunder (Or The Downunder Bar and Grill)

Time for the bar review of my absolute favourite bar…ever. Well, in Brisbane and out of all of the bars that I’ve discovered so far! The Dunda is situated at 308 Edward Street in Brisbane City, so it’s really easy to get to with public transport.

But fair warning, this bar isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Dunda is a backpacker bar. Enough said, right? It’s sticky with beer and people gather from around 9pm onwards each night. The atmosphere in this bar is incredible. It mainly plays Top 40/past Top 40 music, but every so often, they’ll slot in one of those classics like Cotton Eye Joe or a Grease Medley, and it’s when the whole bar knows the lyrics that you know you’ve come to the right place.

The best night of the week at the Dunda is actually, surprisingly, a Tuesday. Why? Because it’s Ladies Night! Ladies night means no cover charge (I’m not sure if there is a cover charge other than when events are on actually) and free champagne (aka Passion Pop, but who cares really!) at the beginning of the night. Also, guys can choose to put on dresses for a competition to win stuff. But it’s up to you and your dignity to decide if that’s the competition for you!

Basics on Ladies Night are generally around $4, and Jars are usually around $6. A personal favourite of mine to order while I’m at the Dunda is Wet Pussy Shots, which sound weird but are really good. It’s basically: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry and Lime Juice. Good right?!

So the Dunda is a really multicultural bar and you’re bound to meet some interesting characters while you’re there. It’s open until late every night and you’ll always have a great night!

Another fun thing that happens at the Dunda every couple of months is the Fluoro v Foam party. You put on disposable overalls and frolic in foam falling from the ceiling, and paint each other with Fluoro paint. Guaranteed good night!

If you’re looking for the BEST night out in Brisbane, all I can say is Downunder Bar on a Tuesday!

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