What’s wrong with Australia?

I feel like the time has come to focus on my own country a little more. Australia- the sunburnt country, the land of sweeping plains (from the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellar). It has been described sooo many times over our short history so far, and every time there are new quirks which both we and our visitors pick up.

But here are the top 3 problems I’ve heard as to why people can’t come to Australia, and some brilliant solutions!

1. It’s too dangerous.

‘Day 6 of the holidays. I’m writing to you from my own bedroom because I’m scared to go outside. It’s a sunny day and 24 degrees Celcius, but I’m not fooled. I know that outside, the kangaroos are waiting to attack, the sharks are swimming up the rivers and getting swept up in cyclones…oh wait, that’s Sharknado…
As well, every dangerous snake and spider lives in my backyard, and my pet dingoes hate me.’

I’m kidding!


Why would we live in a country where everything was out to kill us? I think I’m more scared about going out clubbing in Fortitude Valley than I am about leaving my bedroom. Yes, granted, we do have quite a large selection of dangerous animals, but seriously? At least we don’t have raccoons or skunks. Yeah, take that America!

It’s also highly unlikely that you will see a dangerous animals in a suburban area, let alone a city! Of course, if you’re coming to Australia to go camping on Fraser Island, or going to visit Ayers Rock (Uluru), then you will come across wildlife. These preserved spots of our wilderness do harbour many wild animals which aren’t always friendly, however, as I’ve been told many, many times: ‘They’re more scared of you than you are of them.’ Well that helps.

2. It’s too far away.

Well that is a pathetic excuse if I ever heard one. If you really wanted to travel, you’d grin and bear it. I love the saying ‘It’s got to be the going not the getting there that’s good’, however I can say with complete certainty that no one appreciates a 24 hour flight from one side of the globe to the other. But I promise you, it will be worth it. We have a gorgeous and unique country, friendly people and it’s just waiting for you to come and visit. Pack your bags, do it! Also, if you’re going to come to Australia, it’s probably better to come for longer than a week, if you can. This is because, when you have a long flight, the jetlag will take you a couple of days to get over, and then basically it will be time to go home. So book for a couple of weeks and experience everything that Australia has to offer!

3. It’s too hot.


People visit Bali and Fiji all the time. We go to South America and party in Ibiza. Australians have a soft spot for Thailand. So why is visiting Australia any different? All of the places that I just named are hot at certain times of the year. It’s called Summer.

See, I have this preconception that the UK is always cold, even though I’ve been there. In fact, I remember once asking my mum why she was buying my cousin from the UK a bikini for Christmas. I was shocked when I learnt that they do get summer over there!

So the same thing with Australia. It’s very hot in summer. It’s very humid on the coast. But it also rains for a lot of summer on the South-East Queensland coast. If you’re worried about the heat, come in spring or autumn. It’s still nice and warm if you come near the beginning of autumn, or the end of spring, so don’t worry! The beaches in South-East Queensland are basically open all year, so come and visit us!

We don’t bite. That’s only the snakes!

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