Sightseeing, Shopping and Street-art in Melbourne!

Sunset in Melbourne City

I was lucky enough to recently visit Melbourne for a day. Because I was so short on time, I decided, as you do, to try and cram in as much as I could into one day. So here goes. A tourist’s account of a jam-packed day in Melbourne!

A reindeer in the National Gallery

I started the day at the National Gallery of Victoria. IT’S FREE! Such a good way to spend my time and definitely worth a look if you’re in Melbourne. After rushing round to see all of the exhibits in the space of an hour (European art, Asian art and some contemporary pieces), I caught a tram into the city.

Before I even got to Melbourne, I was so keen to get to DeGraves Street. It’s an awesome and lively street filled with multiple cafes and interesting little shops. I bought a cupcake and people-watched for a while, before charging on to discover more interesting places in Melbourne.

A pool of porcelain bowls in the National Gallery

It was really lucky that I discovered an information booth as soon as I arrived in the city, so they had given me a really good idea of what I wanted to do for the day!

Street signs in Degraves Street

After Degraves, I made my way to Hasiers Lane, which is really famous for the street art. It’s amazing to explore, and everywhere you turn there is something else to see! It’s amazing how the local artists portray themselves in such a small area, but it’s definitely worth a look. I love how it’s got so much more soul than just graffiti or tagging, and how it’s recognised as art!

Hasiers Lane

Next, I visited ACMI, which is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. It had an amazing exhibit on the history of cinema and is also FREE! It was really interactive and so cool to explore of all of the exhibits.

I went to Chinatown for lunch with a friend, and we ate at a dumpling place. Absolutely amazing, but I never would have found it by myself because it was down a tiny side-alley. Also, it was really cheap, with a serve of dumplings being only about $8!

Next (see, I told you it was a busy day!), I went to DFO. Really, it’s an experience that I could have skipped because we have one in Brisbane but I wanted to see if there were any specials, being the poor uni student that I am. There weren’t unfortunately 😦

Finally, I headed back to the city and visited the Lindt Chocolate Shop. After having hot chocolate, I had the privilege of watching a family friend record a television interview about finance for a widely recognised TV station. It was awesome to experience, because I want to be a journalist!

So if you’re heading to Melbourne, I would definitely suggest planning what you want to do before you get there. It makes it heaps easier, and since public transport is so regular, it’s so easy to experience everything in one day!

Hasiers Lane

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