United States of America ~ New York, New York!

New York is possibly my favourite city in the entire world. With an abundance of culture, good food and of course, Time Square, you can maybe see why I would want to live in this city. It’s often referred to as ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, and for good reason. I spent a week there, but in reality, I could have spent so, so much longer.
And so, in this longer-than-usual-but-still-brief blog post, I will try to make a list of my favourite things that we did in New York!

My List of things that I loved about New York City!

     1.Time Square!

The Ferris Wheel inside Toys R Us, Time Square

So I know that it’s the absolute cliche of things to do in New York, but really, if you’re going to this city, DO. NOT. MISS. IT! There are so many things to look at, at the atmosphere in Time Square is absolutely awesome! Also, in Time Square, there is MnM world, which is a must do for people of any age. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by millions of MnMs?!
Another thing about Time Square is the Toys R Us, which you have to go to. Being the big kid I am, I went there just to ride the massive Ferris Wheel inside the store. How awesome is that! And all of the carriages are shaped like different toys. You have to do it, it’s amazing!
For those of you who also adore shopping, definitely go and visit the ginormous Forever 21 in Time Square, because it’s absolutely brilliant, and for those of you coming from Australia…it’s extremely cheap!
In Time Square is also a booth which sells cheap tickets to Broadway musicals, and it is definitely worth standing in the queue. So this leads me to my second favourite thing about NYC!
Time Square
   2. Broadway Musicals!
When I was in New York (September 2011), I was lucky enough to see two Broadway musicals with my family. The first was ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, starring (at the time) Daniel Radcliffe! Also some other people. BUT DANIEL RADCLIFFE! This musical was hilarious and the sets were so magnificent! The second musical that we saw was ‘Priscilla- Queen of the Desert’. This musical was pretty funny, except the Australian accents were…interesting! If you go to New York and can afford it, definitely try to get to a musical! We had seen ‘Wicked’ in Australia, and it was amazing, so we decided to see different ones in NYC. I also heard that ‘The Book of Mormon’ was really awesome!
   3. Restaurants!
Da Marino, Italian Restaurant
So when we first drove into the city (yeah, we drove. Don’t do that. Our GPS dropped out because of the buildings!), we saw this amazing restaurant with flower pots out the front, and fairy lights. So one night, we decided to have dinner at this restaurants because it looked that amazing.
So we spent two hours hunting for this restaurant. Two hours! It turned out that the restaurant was literally 2 streets from our hotel, but it was worth the wait. It was an Italian restaurant by the name of Da Marino, and you should definitely go there. It’s amazing! Like, the food is pretty good, but the atmosphere is incredible. We got there at 8pm that night, and we left at 2am, that’s how good it was. There was live music, and the owner was chatting to people and the musicians were getting diners involved with shakers and getting them to sing and everything. It was so much fun (and I have only ever seen my parents that drunk one other time!). Also, the women’s bathrooms are gorgeous…literally, they have a waterfall and there are rose petals strewn everywhere! We went back for a second time later on in the week, and it was amazing again, and the amazing and friendly staff greeted us like old friends!
Also, the Carnegie Deli is definitely the place to go for a great Reuben Sandwich. They’re absolutely massive. Try and eat it all, I dare you! Both of these restaurants had great atmospheres and have awesome food!
      4. Culture!

Finally, the cultural stuff. I’m going to make a list of good things to do because this blog is getting so long!
1. The LOVE Sign. Go and take your picture with it!
Grand Central Station
2. Central Park. It’s so much fun to explore. We took a horse and carriage ride which really gives you a great way to explore the park.
3. Union Square. It’s a fun place to explore, plus it’s mentioned in the We The Kings song ‘The Secret to New York’.
4. The Met. Go to this museum. The artifacts and art in there is completely astounding! It’s so awesome.
5. MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art!). They have Van Gogh and Picasso pieces, and well as many other famous artists. It’s definitely worth going there to explore!
6. Grand Central Station. It’s kind of a must-see because it’s been in so many movies!
7. The Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island Ferry is free and it goes right past the island, and you don’t even have to pay a cent. I mean, you can’t go onto the island with the statue, but oh well!
8. The Rockefeller Centre. Definitely worth exploring all of the shops and buildings around there!
9. The Empire State Building. But I wouldn’t really bother paying to go up it. It’s very, very expensive!
10. Get a typical New York Hotdog from a typical, New York street Vendor! They’re so good. Yummmm!
Hope you enjoyed this blog on New York! As you can tell, I really enjoyed my time there! 

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