United States of America ~ Skiing Big Sky, Montana (& Yellowstone)

So I figured that I should write about this amazing place in the world before someone else beats me to it! In January this year, I was lucky enough to explore Big Sky, in Montana. It’s a ski resort, and if you like skiing in Canada, Japan, Europe…wherever, you’re going to love Big Sky! (and YellowStone National Park!)

Big Sky
So Big Sky is about an hour drive from Bozeman Airport and it’s definitely one of the smallest ski resorts that I’ve been to. Firstly, the town centre is really, really small, but so is Big White in Canada, so I didn’t really have a problem with that.
We stayed in the Shoshone apartments, in an apartment lent to us by a friend that overlooked the main slope! So amazing! The Shoshone had an indoor/outdoor pool, and lounges where you could go and relax and be social after skiing.
The snow in Big Sky was absolutely AMAZING! It is some of the best powder snow that I’ve found anywhere in the world, but I have to warn you…
So we went in January right? Which is the middle of winter…
And one weekend we got -25 degrees Celsius. Despite the fact that we were in Montana to ski, I didn’t ski that weekend, because after two runs you couldn’t feel your fingers or toes!

 It was fun to explore Big Sky and it’s an awesome ski resort because of the fact that there are NO lift lines! Like literally, you can get straight onto a lift with no wait time! The only time in two weeks that I waited for a lift was when it was a public holiday, and everyone came up from Bozeman for the day. Big Sky is such a hidden gem in that aspect, and if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing ski holiday, this is definitely the place for you!

Unfortunately, it is quite pricey, and for those between about 13 and 20 there isn’t really that much to do after skiing. I took some yoga classes (never again!!), but that was about it. Just family time really!

Yellowstone National Park
Another amazing thing about Big Sky though is how close it is to Yellowstone National Park! We took a tour on a day when it was about -16 degrees, so it was pretty cold, but it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the world. On the tour, you actually go into Wyoming in a van with caterpillar tracks, and there is so much wildlife around, like bison and deer.

It was awesome to see the geisers in winter, because they were basically just steam when they erupted! I loved seeing Old Faithful and the hot springs that were crystal clear blue!

If you are looking for gorgeous pictures, it is often hard to shoot the white on white backgrounds in yellowstone, and for that, it might be better to go in Summer. But if you want gorgeous scenery that you won’t see anywhere else in the world, then Yellowstone in Winter is the Place to go!

My favourite photo that I’ve ever taken was taken at Yellowstone National Park, and it is the photo below of the snowflake that landed on my glove. I’m obsessed with catching snowflakes on my tongue, and have been ever since I was a little kid, so this photo always makes me happy whenever I seen it. Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know about your experiences in Big Sky!! 🙂

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