Strangest Day Ever

In a good, but random, way!
So at the moment I’m in Canada on Vancouver Island. It’s been a brilliant trip full of excitement, fun and mayhem, but I am heading home this afternoon!
Yesterday, however, I hung out with two friends before I left. One is from the USA and the other lives in Canada.
And this is where is starts to get weird…

Retrieving the Whale:
Over the past three weeks, we have had these plastic whales, and for some reason they became our family… But at Buchart Gardens a week ago, we accidently left one of them there.

Now, I know what any normal person would do, right?
If you answered ‘leave it behind’, you would be absolutely correct. But my friend from the USA calls up Buchart, and the conversation went like this:
Him: Hi, did you find a 4 inch plastic whale called Spermly? (Just as a side note, the species of the whale is a sperm whale! It’s not that weird!!)
Guy from Buchart: Oh yeah, we do, come and collect him anytime.

So we drove 1 hour to the Buchart Gardens to pick up a 4 inch plastic whale….
So now our family is reunited, or so it goes.

The Tapas Bar:
My friend from Canada’s favourite restaurant in Victoria is a Tapas Bar, and we walked around for like 2 hours trying to find it, because it was in a random alleyway somewhere. Anyway, so my friend from the USA walked into a tobacco and pipe shop to ask for directions (because everywhere else was closed for some reason…)
And the guys behind the counter were talking to my friend.
Him: Do you know where the tapas bar is?
Them: Oh dude, the one around the corner closed down, but you could always go to *insert place name here*.
Him: ……isn’t that a topless bar? I said Tapas!
Them: ohhhhh! (All the while staring in confusion about my friend from Canada and I and our apparent want to go to a topless bar.)

Oh yesterday! Canada, holidays; I’m going to miss you!

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