Come to Canada! Part 3- Whistler & Big White


Whistler, Canada

So firstly I really want to talk about Whistler! Because it was just such a good area to ski in!

There are two massive mountains beside each other: Whistler and Blackcomb. I stayed on the Whistler side in The Westin, which was suuuuch a nice hotel with an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Yes, I did go swimming in the middle of Winter…what of it? Haha anyways, Whistler served the best Poutine that I’ve eaten anywhere in Canada. See! Talking about food again! But you have to try the local dishes when you travel overseas.
Poutine is a typical Canadian dish with chips (or fries, for the Americans out there) with gravy and cheese curd. It’s loaded with calories but tastes absolutely amazing, especially after a day on the slopes! It doesn’t really look that appealing but pleeeease don’t let that put you off!
But let’s talk some more about Whistler! Well, my top three things in Whistler are as follows:
1. Zip-trekking. Zip-trekking (or ‘Eco-Tour’) is a wires course through an old forest, where you sit in a harness and fly down a line through the treetops and above rivers. Everything was snow covered and it was reeally cold, but such an a cool experience!
Peak-2-Peak Gondola, Whistler
2. The Peak-2-Peak Gondola, connecting the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. It’s so pretty at the best of times, but there are 2 silver gondolas (the rest are red), and the silver ones have glass bottoms, so that you can see down into the valley below! Probably not a good thing if you’re scared of heights, but it’s definitely worth trying to get in a silver gondola!
3. The massive Inuksuk. This statue was the symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada, but it was originally used to mark the land. It’s so awesome to see up the top of the mountain, and really amazing when you see how big it actually is!
Whistler may not always have the best skiing conditions, but it’s definitely a great area to visit for the social side of skiing, as there’s always something going on at night!
Then there’s Big White. Literally, this place is owned by Australia and run by Australians. If you want to go overseas but only meet up with Australians, then this is the place for you! Don’t get me wrong, Australians know how to have a good time, but I think I met one Canadian during my week in Big White! Big White is a really small actual resort (with the number of hotels, shops and restaurants), but it makes up for it by having heaps and heaps of different runs and skiing terrain. The powder snow in Big White is so dry that you can’t even make snowballs or snowmen!
Inuksuk, Whistler
We went tubing in Big White, which was lots of fun! Tubing is basically where you sit in a big rubber tube and get dragged up to the top of the hill by a machine (because let’s face it, who can be bothered to walk!), and then you go down the slope in the tube! Heaps of fun, and awesome at night!
Another great thing about Big White is the snow ghosts. Basically, when the trees get a lot of snow on them, they bend over. Then, when there’s a cold snap, they freeze like that, so from a distance they literally look like ghosts or people. It’s kind of creepy but really interesting!
I had a great time in Big White, but it really depends what you’re looking for! If you want good snow, go to Big White. If you want ok snow and better social, go to Whistler! Either way you’ll have a blast!

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