Come to Canada! Part 1- Vancouver

Wow! Where do I even start with Canada! I’ve barely been to any of it and yet I’ve fallen in love! What is that the rapper says in California Gurls by Katy Perry? “Wild, wild, West coast!” Even though the song’s referring to California, I love the Western Coast of Canada!

I’m going to do a series of 3 (hopefully consecutive) blogs about the 3 places that I’ve visited in Canada:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Vancouver Island
  3. Whistler and Big White
So here we go!
When I visited Vancouver, it was in the middle of Winter and was having some of the most massive snowfalls that it had had in like…100 years or something! It is literally the most gorgeous city, and I’m pretty sure that I could live in Canada when I’m older. The fact that Canada has proper Summers (ie- sun, some beaches, etc), as well as proper Winters (ie- snow!!!!!! and it actually gets properly cold) would make it pretty much perfect for me! I’m a sucker for anything to do with Winter really, as it’s my favourite season.
So the year I was in Canada, everything was just building up to the Whistler Olympics of 2010! There was a massive statue of an Inuksuk in the middle of Vancouver with a countdown timer to the olympics, and wherever you went you were reminded that one of the world’s most awesome sporting events was going to be held here soon.
In Vancouver, because we only had a couple of days, we did the typical touristy things. You’re picturing them right? The aquarium, Stanley Park?
Wait! You don’t know about the aquarium and Stanley Park?!
Vancouver Aquarium has some of the coolest aquatic animals in it (and I live in Australia, so that’s saying something!). My favourite animals to watch there were probably either the dolphins or the Beluga Whales, who really enjoy having their tongues tickled! Weird right?
So we’re outside watching the dolphins perform tricks, and the otters scamper around and the belugas getting fed, and it’s snowing and it’s about -5 degrees Celsius! Definitely an awesome experience!
From there, we went to Stanley Park, which has these amazing Totem Poles which are extremely tall! Normally in Summer (or even Winter), you can walk right up to these totem poles, except on this particular day there was a slight problem! The snow around the poles was at least a metre deep, if not more in some parts! So we got as close as we could and took typical tourist-y photos of us pretending to be totem poles. Don’t judge, you know you’d do the same! 
Vancouver is definitely a gorgeous city, and I’d love to go back in Summer sometime, and do all of the other, more outdoors-y tourist things! I mean, we didn’t let the snow stop us, but there are obviously some things that you can’t do in Winter!
Next time: Vancouver Island!
P.S. Sorry for my over-use of exclamation marks, I just get excited, that’s all!

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